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Medical Spiritual Healing: A Holistic Approach to Healing Disease

Many studies, such as this one by Baylor University, have found that spiritually committed patients experience better recovery from sickness and surgeries. Dr. (Robert) Ibrahim Jaffe spent years studying the connection between physical and emotional and spiritual health. He tells how Medical Spiritual Healing bridges the gap between modern medicine and spiritual healing practices.

The Forgotten Path to Healing

Healing practices that use direct mental or spiritual techniques — such as prayer, ritual, dream work, imagery, direct mental intentions, and laying-on-of-hands — have been part of all known cultures from pre-history to the present, according to a review of scientific literature. Dr. Jaffe tells how and why spiritual healing is effective across religious and cultural traditions.

More Than Faith Healing

More than 1,600 studies document “overwhelming” evidence of the connection between religious and spiritual practice and improved health outcomes, including better recovery from sickness and surgery and lower rates of death. Dr. Jaffe explains what Medical Spiritual Healing is and how it differs from “faith healing.”

Sufism: the Abrahamic Healing Heritage

Dr. Jaffe was brought up Jewish and embraced Islam and the mystical teachings of Sufism, becoming a Sufi Master. Sufism is a spiritual teaching dating from the Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim), the common patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dr. Jaffe explains why the Sufi approach to healing can help people regardless of their religious or spiritual background.

Are You Open to Miracles?

Dr. Jaffe has documented stories of dramatic healing results for conditions often deemed irreversible or terminal, including advanced heart disease, breast cancer, and Hashimoto’s disease. He explains the five elements of Medical Spiritual Healing and how they work together to boost the body’s ability to fight disease and regain health.

Spiritual vs. Physical Surgery

As chancellor of the University of Medical Spiritual Healing, Dr. Jaffe is working to bring spiritual healing to the medical world, training physicians, chiropractors and other medical professionals so they can use spiritual healing to complement their practices. “If I can do something spiritually so the patient does not have to have surgery, I think that’s a better route to go.”

The “Gift” of Illness

Dr. Jaffe explains his perspective that all disease “comes as a gift to help us learn spiritual lessons,” based on his personal experience with blindness. “When I lost my sight and was blind I discovered that I was unwilling to see certain inner aspects of my being,” he says. “Once I learned this lesson of sight, my true eyesight literally returned in minutes after almost a year of blindness.”

Transforming the Heart, Relationships….and Humanity

Sufism is a mystical tradition that has worked to bridge the divide between Islam and the west. A Sufi Master Healer and Spiritual, Dr. Jaffe explains why cleansing the heart of anger, rage, jealousy, and other destructive feelings helps people live healthier, happier lives and promotes peace, compassion, mercy, love, and wisdom.

Stop Blaming God

Dr. Jaffe shares the story of how he helped one of his patients who is battling cancer to uncover the fact that she had been blaming God for the misery in her life since she was a child — and how her health and outlook improved by shifting her feelings from anger to acceptance and love.

Purify Your Diet

Dr. Jaffe’s decades-long study of holistic healing practices includes earning certification in healing through raw foods by both the Hippocrates Institute under Anne Wigmore and the Optimum Health Institute. He shares principles for healthy eating and how giving the body a break from toxins in processed foods boosts health, improves immune function, and fights disease.
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